2016 - 2017 Payment Policy - Updated

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2017 Lower Division Fall Ball Q&A (12-14u)

Sept. 2 nd  – November 12 th (12 - 14u) The Slammers Baseball Club will be conducting its annual Skills and Drills fall program starting in September....

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2017 High School Division Fall Ball Q&A


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Medical Release

I, the parent or guardian of the named registered child, hereby gives approval for his/her participation in any and all activities of San Ramon Baseball during the current season. I hereby release and hold harmless from any and all liability or claims for damage or injury to person or property of the named child arising from or due to participation in said activity by reason of any act or omission caused by the City of San Ramon, San Ramon Baseball, or any of their officers, sponsors, or supervisors, or conditions of the property. I likewise release from any responsibility any person transporting my child/children to or from these activities. More specifically, I understand that participation in sports activity entails risk of personal injury and I knowingly assume that risk in consideration for the opportunity to participate in the program. I further agree to return at the end of the season any equipment issued to my child in as good of condition as when it was received, except for normal wear and tear. I agree to pay for any equipment not returned at the procurement cost listed with San Ramon Baseball. It is mandatory that San Ramon Baseball have a signed Authorization for Emergency Medical treatment for your child and your clearance that the player is in satisfactory physical condition to play baseball. If your child has not had a recent physical examination, or if there is any doubt about physical capabilities or abilities, we urge you to have an examination to ensure your child is physically able to participate.

In the event of an injury or sickness occurs in the course of San Ramon Baseball activities, I hereby authorize officials of San Ramon Baseball to administer first aid and if necessary to transport my child to a duly licensed physician or hospital. I would prefer the physician below be called, however if or when this is not possible, I authorize any authorized physician to administer emergency treatment.

Preferred Physician or Hospital *

If your child has a medical condition that you wish brought to the attention of the manager or coach, such that they will be aware of any potential symptoms and the appropriate response please indicate here: *

In the event the Parent or Guardian cannot be reached in an emergency situation, the following person should be contacted on my behalf: Name - Relaton- Contact # *

I understand and acknowledge by signing below to abide by the guidelines of the San Ramon Baseball code of conduct, that there are no refunds once a child has completed tryouts and has been assigned to a team. If there are any requests for placement with another child, for a specific coach or any other requests, please indicate below. San Ramon Baseball will try to honor your requests, however there are no guarantees.

Payment Policy: Once player has committed to the San Ramon Slammers Baseball Organization a $225 non-refundable roster deposit is due prior to the first day of practice. The remainder balance (100% fees) will be due within 30 days after the start of the given season. The Slammers Baseball organization has the right to remove players from the rosters whose fees have not been paid. Payment plans are only available with the consent of the Slammers Baseball Organization Board of directors. 

Slammers Baseball Club requests that all participating players do not play in other baseball leagues during the season associated with this registration. We reserve the right to remove players found to be playing other baseball leagues from the SBC roster. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.



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